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Anna Serena, founder and director of Lana Serena, believes in design as art and perennial beauty. She is also a strong believer in ethics and environmental sustainability. She dreams with a work full of meaning, coherence and sensitivity, an emotionally beautiful creation.

It was the summer of 2015 when Anna discovered that spanish shepherds were discarding the wool or selling it at a loss. Spanish wool had been an extremely precious commodity and a source of wealth and tradition. And today it seemed that it no longer had value. She thought the balance between animals, shepherds and countryside was breaking. And it was followed by the destruction of centuries’ old traditions and trades.

Fortunately, hope emerged from the romantic ideals of some people. People that fight to preserve and recover cultural heritage in a sustainable way. Wool happened to give a passionate meaning to the beginning of this project.

the Lana Serena manifesto


We design eternal, special and unique knitwear.


Our mission is to exalt the intrinsic beauty of the wool. Each piece is a tribute to the senses and a timeless beauty.


Excellence is our priority. We work with the best materials and workshops to guarantee the highest quality knitwear.


We use spanish merino wool and regenerated italian cashmere. All our knitwear is one hundred percent pure wool. No synthetics.


We take pride in being part of our land heritage. The merino wool comes from spanish transhumant herds of sheep. The whole process of shearing, washing, separating and spinning the wool is done in Spain.


You need four goats to knit one cashmere sweater. Our cashmere yarn is regenerated from the industrial surplus of the best italian spinning mills. We believe that this premium and scarce fibre deserves at all times a high-end use.


Artisan women from rural regions in Castilla and Leon hand-made our most valuable pieces. We support the recovery of centennial trades and the empowerment of women.

Local industry 

We manufacture the rest of our collection in Barcelona. Barcelona and its surroundings areas stands out for their importance in the textile trajectory.